Decluttr Review: Is It Really Worth While?

Items, especially those related to electronics, become obsolete fast. This means that you are likely to replace items such as phones, tablets, games, and more in about 2 years.

A lot of times, the old items you replace is not yet broken or worn down. You just need to replace it because support for it is slowly becoming harder to find, which is especially true for smartphones.

Since a lot of these items are still in good working condition, you don’t tend to throw them away. You’d likely keep them in a drawer until you know what to do with them.

There is one website, that provides an opportunity for you to make money from your old items and it’s called Decluttr.

The website offers an opportunity for you to sell used items, not just electronics, as long as it meets certain requirements of the site.

How much you will make here will really depend on the value of your items and how many you are going to sell. But is this a legit opportunity or a scam?

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Decluttr is a Legit Site to Sell Used Items, but there are Concerns

Decluttr is a website that will allow you to sell your used items, mostly tech or media, as well as shop for bargains. The company will provide a value for your item, based on certain details you need to provide.

Once they get the details they will send an offer and if you accept, you can pack the item and send it to them for free. After receiving the item, they will inspect it and if they’re happy with it, you will get your money.

Based on what the company promises, I can say that it is a legitimate opportunity for you to sell your used items without much problem.

The company provides you with a value they deem fair for the item and if you like it, you can send the item to them for free for further inspection. Once it passes the inspection you will be paid.

As for the earnings, it will really depend on the item that you are selling, it’s condition, and it’s value in the market.

There are, however, some concerns with the company, especially when it comes to the part where they will physically review the items you send them.

As we progress further in this review, you will see the concerns that a lot of people have with this website.

Who Uses the Decluttr Website?

The Decluttr website is built for two types of people with one being the buyers, who are looking for second-hand items that are in good condition.

The other type are people like you who have items that are still in good condition and are not being used. The site will allow you to sell these items and make some money from them.

For buyers, the site promises to provide affordable second-hand items that are in good condition. Decluttr promises that the items they sell are still good quality, despite being used.

The site has a strict quality control process to ensure items are in good working condition before they are posted on the site to be sold.

For people like you, the site offers a way for you to get rid of your old items and make some money out of them. You will just need to provide certain information, then Decluttr will provide an offer for the item.

Once you like the offer, you can ship the item, for free, to the company for further evaluation. If they like the item they will pay you your money.

It’s free to become a member, as you just need to fill out some information when you register and you’re all set.

How Do You Make Money with Decluttr?

The main way for you to make money with Decluttr is to sell your items. The site doesn’t really have any other money making program or opportunity other than that.

The website accepts a wide range of items that you can sell to them. These include electronics like smartphones and tablets. You can also sell books, LEGO, and media items like CDs, DVDs, and games.

The company will provide you with an offer for your items by just filling out certain details. For smartphones and tablets, you just need to provide the make, model, and condition of your device to get a quote.

For media items like CDs, DVDs, and games, you just need to provide the barcode of these items. It is important that the item has a barcode, as they won’t accept it without one.

The site has an app and it can turn the camera of your phone into a barcode to be able to scan items faster.

If you’re selling books, they have to be in good condition. Decluttr won’t accept books that have missing, damaged, or deformed pages, which includes those with annotations, notes, highlights, and drawings.

There shouldn’t be visible damage or discoloration on the pages or covers of the book and the front and back cover should be free of substantial damage. The site also doesn’t accept sample or review copies.

Lastly, Decluttr allows you to sell your LEGO pieces to them. You just need to gather all of them and place it in a bag and weigh it. Round the weight to the nearest 0.5 kg and enter it into the site’s valuation engine to get a price.

It is important to note that Decluttr only accepts authentic LEGO items. Any other forms of block toys, like K-NEX, Mega Blocks, and more are not accepted.

If they find damaged or deformed LEGO bricks in the bag during the inspection, they will just deduct it from the final weight.

After providing the necessary information, the site will provide you with an offer. If you’re happy with it, pack the items in a box and use the Welcome Pack that Decluttr will send via email to ship the items.

The pack will contain a free shipping label so you won’t need to pay anything when you ship them. After receiving your items, they will review it to see if the details you have provided are coeerct.

If they’re happy, they will proceed with paying you the offered money the following day. If they’re not happy with the items, especially for tech or media items, there are several things the site will do.

For tech items like phones or tablets, they will provide a new offer after reviewing the item personally and have found some problems. If you don’t accept the new offer, they will ship the item back to you.

For media items, though, there won’t be a counter offer and they won’t ship your items back, which means you won’t get anything for it.

To start selling, you just need to register. You need to enter your full name, email address, password, date of birth, your gender, home address, and contact details.

Aside from selling items, Decluttr also has a referral program. After completing your first order, you will be given a referral code, which you can share with your friends when they want to join the site.

You will be given $5 once your friend registers and completes his or her first order. If you register with a referral code, you will also be given $5 for completing your first order.

What I Liked about Decluttr

After learning more about what Decluttr is and what it’s offering, it’s time to talk about the things I liked about the opportunity.

  • Probably the main thing that I liked about Decluttr is that it is very easy to use. You will just need to provide the details that the site is asking for and they will provide a value for your item. If you’re happy with it, just send your items to them and for further evaluation. Once they are happy with it, they will send the agreed upon money.
  • Shipping is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for anything when you ship your items to them for inspection.
  • There’s a referral system, wherein you will earn $5 after the person you refer completes his or her first order.

What I Disliked about Decluttr

Of course, not everything is good with Decluttr, as there are some things I didn’t like about the opportunity they provide.

  • My first problem with Decluttr is that they won’t send back the media items you send them if they reject it because they’ve deemed it not in good condition. This is a big problem because, not only will you not get paid, but you won’t get your item back. It’s like you are giving them the item for free without getting anything in return. They can say it is damaged, even if you know that it is not, and not pay you anything.
  • The above scenario is related to my second problem with them, which is you will need to ship the item to them first for inspection. I understand the need to do a personal inspection first, but since they are not doing it in front of you, it’s easy to cheat on that. For media items, they can easily say that the item is not worth it and won’t pay you anything. But since they won’t ship it back, they can still sell it on their site and make money out of it.
  • There have been a lot of complaints about Decluttr’s inspection process. I’ve seen a lot of complaints from people who are trying to sell their smartphones or tablets to the website. They say that the site will first offer a decent price for it, then try to lowball them on the price once they inspect the device, saying there are scratches, it’s not working properly, etc., even if you sent it in good condition. Then they make it harder for you to contact them about it, effectively scamming you out of your device.

Do I Recommend Decluttr?

After learning more about what Decluttr offers, I don’t really see a reason to recommend it to anyone. Sure their business model is legitimate and some people have made good money from their items.

But I just can’t ignore the recent complaints by a lot of people who tried selling their smartphones on this website.

I’m also not a fan of Decluttr examining your items first in their office or warehouse before they send you they pay you.

My issue here is that the inspection is not being done in front of you, which means you don’t really see what they do with your items or how they are handling it.

You can’t rule out the possibility that the damages they see are caused by them in hopes of lowering the price. This is why you should find other ways of selling your used items than going with Decluttr.

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