Google Sniper Review – Is it Scam Or Does It Work?

Gsniper3Product Name: Google Sniper

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Product Owner: George Brown

Rating: 74/100

What is Google Sniper?

Google sniper is basically online training to build what George Brown refers to as “Sniper sites” to make money. The training is a series of text based training and video lessons.

It really was the-bomb-dot-com back in the day, and whilst it has a lot of useful information, some of it was outdated, which meant that the information taught could actually be more harmful to your website than useful.

But it has been good to see that George does try to keep each version of Google Sniper up to date. And I have seen more of this happening recently, as the algorithms have changed.

Google Sniper has come a long way since it’s inception and whilst it does have it’s problem they have tried to move with the times, so that’s cool.

Google Sniper 3 seems to have dealt with most of the problems.

You can get access to Google Sniper here for $1. Depending on when you click on this link, it may or may no longer be available.

In any case, whilst Google Sniper works, there is a training program that is similar but works a lot better.

You can see how I earn $ 4 – 6,000 per month with that program here.

Some of the back linking strategies in the course will get you penalized in Google these days, which means that the work that you put into your website will be rendered useless, because if your website doesn’t rank in the search engines, then you won’t get any visitors. No visitors equals no sales.

Hey, if you’ve already bought into his course, then don’t worry you can always get a refund since it’s a clickbank product.

Clickbank always honors refunds in my experience.

Google Sniper is not all bad news

Google Sniper definitely has some great training in there, however as far as ranking in Google is concerned it just doesn’t hit the mark. Penguin and Panda saw to that.

Google seems to be getting faster at rolling out new and “improved” algorithm updates.

The old EMD model means that you have to be super careful with ranking otherwise you’ll get penalized as fast as you can say Google Sniper.

If you follow the backlinking strategies in GS, then you will get penalized eventually.

How Does Google Sniper Work?

It’s step by step training and covers a wide range of affiliate marketing disciplines, but as I said before it’s just plain out-of-date.

It’s not all out of date though. Some strategies are every green, which means that regardless of any search engine update, these strategies will still work, like the SEM strategies.

These strategies are based on sound marketing principles as opposed to an algorithmic change that may have an adverse effect on your website. For example, why you should create an about me page, and what that page should include.

Is Google Sniper Free? Illegal? Safe? Legit?

Some folks have asked whether Google Sniper is free, illegal, safe or legit, so here are the answers to those questions.

It isn’t free to join and will cost you (currently) $47 every month for as long as you’re a member, and there are a few optional upsells when you first sign up at the beginning – amounting to some $187 in total.

It is not illegal, as it is basically an affiliate marketing training program.

It is safe to use.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does work, but only if you’re willing to put in the effort and stick at it.

What are Google sniper sites?

Google sniper sites are basically niche websites. They focus on creating a website that is tightly targeted to a specific audience. For example, you could have a website selling recipes, or bicycle parts or, lessons on how to play the guitar.

Niche websites are not a new concept, it’s just that George has branded that term under the phrase Google Sniper.

How do you make a Google Sniper site?

There are many ways to make a Google Sniper site, but the first thing to do before anything else, is to identify the audience you wish to target. Now this can be challenging in itself, but with the right guidance you can identify (untapped) markets relatively quickly.

Once you’ve done that, then it’s a case of narrowing down the target market until you settle on a pocket of people in that market place.

From there it’s a case of find out through keyword research what your niche types into the search engines and then from there, it’s a case of getting your websites in front of your target market.

Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, but instead of me walking you through the process here, you can just see how I do it here.

NOTE: This is not the Google Sniper method, but it is how I create Sniper (niche) websites. See the what program will help you here.

Why I bought Google Sniper

I bought GS for the outsourcing information because I was at a point in my online business where I needed to scale things up, and of course that required me employing writers.

This was at a time when there wasn’t a lot of outsourcing companies around (well, not that I knew of anyway), so finding cost effective writers was still very new to me. Plus learning what and how to outsource was a big deal for me.

That was a few years ago and now there seems to be no end of outsourcing companies around now.

Now whilst, the outsourcing section in GS covered a variety of ways to outsource the information, it didn’t cover it very well and in truth I had to find another way of doing it anyway.

Is Google Sniper A Scam?

Definitely not a scam and I know that there are a lot of people knocking it, but I have actually made money using the principles in GS, HOWEVER, it is not as effective as it used to be, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, what I have come to realize is that it is an incomplete training program. In fact, you can get a more complete training system inside Wealthy Affiliate.

So what if George updates Google Sniper?

Well, that would be great, but with the 500 odd changes Google makes to their Algorithm a year, it’s difficult for me to see George being able to keep up-to-date with it all.

And as I have mentioned, it’s an incomplete training program.

Want to make some real money online?

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15 thoughts on “Google Sniper Review – Is it Scam Or Does It Work?”

  1. Hey Frank,
    Thanks for clearing this up for me because I was wondering about if he really updated this system or not.

    Kind of had the same feeling about it as you confirmed here when you said there is just to much for him to update at much to great of a pace.

    So all and all thanks for helping me out on this one.

    • No worries Jason.
      I do like Google Sniper, and a lot of the techniques he covers have worked for me in the past, however there’s much better courses out there for the same price.

  2. Hey Frank

    I am interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate and becoming an affiliate for the company.

    I have been around affiliate marketing for quite some time and already make pretty good money each month from clickbank and through my various network marketing companies.

    Do you honestly believe that Wealthy Affiliate would be beneficial for someone who already understands the business and is just looking to scale things up and take business to next level.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Frank I loved your review on the google sniper program. I also purchased it before joining WA & I was not comfortable using it.

    Just like you said the training was incomplete and kinda all over the place (very confusing). I think somebody with a little more knowledge about IM might comprehend the Sniper Training but for a newbie like me I would not recommend it from experience.

    I have been a part of WA for a couple of months & my online business is growing with the great training from Kyle and a strong community with people like you Frank that want to help others. Great review thanks for sharing.

    Duane K.

  4. Hey,
    The review on Google Sniper really helped me..
    I just stumbled upon this blog while researching more on GS.

    Nice, honest reviews..
    Continue the good work.

    • Sure until it becomes outdated again.

      Seems to be the way George continues to make money, he keeps releasing new versions every year, because the previous version keeps going out of date.

      Google just made some changes recently, whoops is it out of date already?

      This is no reflection on you Sean, but more on George and the Google Sniper program.

      Anyway, great to hear you’re experiencing some success with it, feel free to send me an update.

  5. thanks for sharing this, when I used google sniper , no matter how hard I tried it just wouldn’t work for me. im glad u made a blog post about this

  6. According to the Email that I got concerning this Google Sniper Program, it was supposedly free with no money down, but after clicking on the link I was instead taken to a Clickbank page asking for a $47 payment, and credit card information to get started….
    Now, I don’t know what no money down means to George Brown, but to me, Free means free, and does not require any credit card information. Also, Clickbank is a well known internet scam organization, so if this is not a scam, it is definitely keeping bad company!!

  7. Dear Frank,

    Wow what a thorough review on Google Sniper. Thanks for the great review. There are 1000’s of online program claiming they can help you make money online but at the end of the day they are not. Because of the increased number of online scams it is always advisable to do our own research before buying any product. Here comes the great help from your review making my job easy I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

  8. Dear Frank, What do you think about Myecon? And what do you think about Rory Ricord’s online website for affiliate marketers? Need to find something solid but not too complicated. Not afraid of hard work, just hidden costs and work that I can understand the training. I looked at Google Sniper, am considering Myecon, and currently involved with Rory but not having much success (only 3 months now). Just started this pursuit of online work. Don’t know anything about WA. Don’t know what path to take at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kim


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