Methinks App Review: Legit App Or A Scam?

Methinks App Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money with your iPhone, then Methinks, could be a good way to do just that. They pay you to complete certain tasks, known as gigs, like taking surveys, testing out new apps or games and a lot more.

One of the biggest differences with the Methinks app is that you have the opportunity to participate in live video interviews, instead of the usual – answering 50 question text based surveys.

Companies select you based on your profile information and it’s up to you as to whether you want to participate in the gigs. When selecting a gig, you will be able to see the dollar amount you can earn and the estimated time to complete the gig.

The potential to make a decent amount of money for the tasks you complete is there. For example, some gigs will pay you $50 to participate in a 30 minute video call, so not too bad, as far as making money with surveys is concerned.

These gigs are only available to iPhone mobile device holders in the United States (at the time of writing this review), but may be available in other countries in the future.

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What is Methinks?

Methinks is a mobile app that allows product creators to survey and interview people on a variety of different subjects and pay them for doing so.

Companies are always looking for ways to not only create and test new and innovative products, but also understand what is working or not working with their current products and services.

With technology moving at such a rapid pace, companies are also finding more innovative ways of surveying the end user directly.

Methinks is an app that allows companies to come face to face with the end user.

Who uses Methinks?

There are two users of the Methinks App.

The first group are the companies who want to survey mobile device holders and the second group are the consumers ( mobile device owners).

How To Join Methinks

To use the Methinks app, simply download the app to your mobile device and fill in your profile.

Businesses select you to participate in gigs based on the information you enter into your profile, so it’s best if you fill in your profile with as much detail as possible, as this will gives you the best chance of being selected for as many gigs as possible.

How Does Methinks Work?

Once you’ve completed your profile you will be registered as a thinker on the app, and this will enable businesses to select you to participate in various activities to make money.

So the idea is to scroll through the gigs that are available to you and select the ones you want to participate in and fulfill the brief.

Methinks Gig Time


How Do You Make Money With Methinks?

So once you have a list of gigs assigned to your profile, you can scroll down and pick and choose which gigs you want to complete.

Some gigs pay more than others, and some gigs are shorter to complete than others.

Some gigs require a face to face interview, where you speak to a representative from the company, and others may have you speaking directly with the owners of a company.

You will also find some gigs may take you a number of days to complete.

Some games require a 3 day duration, where you will be required to play at least 1 hour per day in order to complete the gig. I have seen payments of $100 being assigned to these types of gigs.

Each time you successfully complete a gig you will get money credited to your account, and then you will have access to payment once a week.

The company will send your earnings via Paypal.

What Are People Saying About Methinks?

There’s a variety of comments regarding Methinks from users of the app, all ranging from people who love the app and are making money to those who don’t get enough gigs to complete to make the app worthwhile.

I guess the two main trends of thoughts from those who participate in the program is that 1) it is definitely a good way for people to make money compared to other survey type websites and 2) there’s just not enough gigs available to make money.

The driver of whether a person gets gigs to complete is two fold.

1) The company commissioning the gig. These gigs are only made available if a company thinks the feedback is worth paying for depending on their business goals.


2) Whether the user is a good match for the company commissioning the gig.

What I Liked about Methinks

  • Easy to get started. You simply download the app like any other app and follow the prompts.
  • From what I’ve seen, while the amounts you earn can vary from gig to gig, the majority of money you can earn, appears to be fairly reasonable.
  • Once you get selected for a gig, you are pre-qualified to take part. Some online survey companies, get you to jump through pre-qualifying questions before you’re selected to participate.
  • Once you get selected to participate in a gig, you still have the option not to participate. So if you don’t want to participate in video calls to the owner of a company, then you don’t have to.

What I Didn’t Like about Methinks

  • The app is not available in countries outside the US.
  • Only available on iPhone.
  • Not enough gigs to complete. While I understand some people will get more gigs than others to complete, based on what I discussed earlier, it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Do I Recommend Methinks?

My thoughts.

Methinks is a legitimate way for you to make money and judging by the feedback, the large group of people who receive gigs to complete are generally happy using the app.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are equally those who are not receiving enough gigs to complete, which ultimately leads to frustration.

This is not the fault of the app itself, but more a result of who is paying for the information. Some companies find this information valuable and others not so much.

Methinks is merely a platform that business owners can use to get feedback directly from the end user.

Just like most online survey websites, you won’t always qualify for every gig, because some gigs are location based, but I feel that, for the time it takes you to download the app and enter your information, the potential to earn is only a few clicks away.

If you’re frustrated with not qualifying for surveys or gigs, then I recommend you check out this business review.

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