Surveys On The Go App Review: Legit App Or Scam?

One of the most common earning opportunities you will see online is answering surveys. Whether it is via an app or website, you will always find a lot of opportunities to earn via completing surveys.

Surveys On The Go is one such app that is offering this kind of opportunity. The app is designed to pay you money for completing surveys that are found in the app.

Once you have reached the minimum cash out requirement, you can request for a withdrawal, which will be sent to you via PayPal.

As for how much you can earn, it will depend on whether or not your demographic information and profile will qualify you for the available surveys.

It’s possible to earn the $10 needed to withdraw your money within a month. But it is more likely that you will need at least 2 months to earn that $10.

Can I say, though, that the Surveys On The Go app is a legit opportunity? Or is it just a scam like the others?

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Surveys On The Go is a Legitimate Opportunity That Pays

Survey On The Go is a mobile market research tool that is designed to pay its members for providing opinions about certain issues and categories.

They provide a variety of survey categories that their members can opt-in and they will be paid for completing the survey. The payment they receive can be redeemed for either cash or gift cards.

Based on my initial impression of the app, I can say that it is a legitimate opportunity to earn money by answering surveys.

Surveys On The Go delivers on its promise and there have been little to no issue at all about delayed payments.

The app provides surveys for you to answer, based on your profile and the demographic information you have and they pay you your money after you qualify and complete it.

As for the potential earnings, since the availability of the survey will be reliant on your profile, there’s no guarantee that there will always be available surveys for you.

This is why earning the $10 minimum cash out requirement will likely take you more than a month to achieve. It’s easy and free to register, as you would just need to download the app and sign up.

Who Uses the Surveys On The Go App?

The Surveys On The Go app is made to be used by two groups with one being businesses and market researchers and the other one being people like you.

For businesses and market researchers, the app gives them an opportunity to reach people, even while they are on the go. Since it is an app, it will be installed in people’s mobile devices.

This also means that they will be bringing along the app wherever they go and will be able to receive notifications when a new survey is available and answer it wherever they are.

Businesses and researchers will be assured that their surveys will be answered because the app is paying members to do it. And the more surveys people answer, the more money they will earn as well.

For people like you, Surveys On The Go provides you with an opportunity to answer surveys through your mobile device.

This ensures that you’ll be able to receive notifications of new surveys that are available and allow you to answer it, regardless of where you are, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

You will be paid per completed survey and you can redeem it for cash or gift card after reaching the amount of $10.

Joining is easy, as you only need to download the app and sign up, fill out your profile, and start seeing the available surveys on the app.

How Do You Earn with the Surveys On The Go App?

Surveys On The Go only provides one way to earn on the app, and that is by answering surveys. You will be paid for every survey that you’re able to complete.

The app pays you in dollar figures, but you have an option on what kind of reward you want. You can redeem it for cash or gift cards, once you reach the minimum cash out requirement.

Now, the app said that they usually provide 1 to 2 surveys a week, but that is not guaranteed. Some members report getting more surveys, while others say they are lucky to get at least 1 a week.

This is really dependent on your profile and demographic information. It seems like members who usually live in big cities are more likely to get more surveys.

Like almost all survey opportunities, you would first need to qualify to be able to answer a survey. The beauty of the app is that you can still get paid, even if you don’t qualify.

Most of the surveys pay about $1 after you complete them. You will get $0.10 if you don’t qualify for a survey. This means that you will likely only earn $1 to $2 a week with this app.

Now, there are surveys that pay higher, but there are not many of them. There will be times that you might get invited to participate. The amount you will receive will depend on the importance of the survey and on its length.

So what will you do with all of your earnings? Well, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or Visa gift cards. You will only be able to redeem your earnings once it reaches $10.

Becoming a member of Surveys On The Go is free and easy, as you would just need to download the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and sign up.

After signing up, you will be given 2 surveys to answer that will pay you $0.50 each. These are basically surveys to complete your profile. One will be about you in general, the other about your household.

What is Good about the Surveys On The Go App

Now that we know more about Surveys On The Go and what the app offers, it is time to discuss what is good about the opportunity they offer.

  • One of the things that I like about Surveys On The Go is that it gives you options on what kind of reward you would want to get with your earnings. You can choose to get a gift card from Amazon or Visa, or cash that will be paid via PayPal.
  • I also like that Surveys On The Go will still pay you, even if you don’t qualify to answer a survey that they invited you to participate in. This means that your effort of answering the qualifying questions will still be paid, albeit at a smaller amount.
  • It’s also good that Surveys On The Go’s rate of payment for completed surveys are higher than most survey opportunities. The app will pay you about $1 for each completed survey. This amount can even go higher for certain surveys.

What is Bad about the Surveys On The Go App

As appealing as Surveys On The Go sound, there are also things that I don’t like about the app, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Surveys On The Go, and is usually a problem of a lot of survey opportunities, is that surveys are not guaranteed. The app said they will send about 1 to 2 surveys a week, but this is still dependent on your profile and demographics. So there’s a possibility that you might not get any surveys at all.
  • Another thing that I consider bad with Surveys On The Go is that their cash out requirement is a bit high, considering that you will likely only get to answer 1 to 2 surveys a week. This means that it will take you more than a month before you are able to earn enough to redeem your earnings for rewards.

Do I Recommend the Surveys On The Go App?

Based on what I’ve learned about Surveys On The Go, it is an opportunity that I don’t really recommend, especially if your goal is to earn a decent amount of money online.

The low-income potential of the app makes it somewhat of a waste of time and storage space on your mobile device. It’s not guaranteed that you will get a regular stream of surveys for you to answer.

This means that reaching the minimum requirement to redeem your earnings for rewards will take you more than a month to achieve.

And with the minimum cash out requirement at only at $10, it’s a very low amount to get for 2 months worth of time and effort.

You’re better off looking for other opportunities that can provide you with a more decent income than what Surveys On The Go provides.

You are welcome to check out the app for yourself and see if you can find some value in what it offers. But for me, I consider it a waste of time and energy.

There are a lot of better opportunities out there that will pay you decent money, making it worth the time and effort you will spend.

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