Moms Meet Review: Legit Review Site Or Scam?

Have you ever wanted to receive free products to test in exchange for your opinion and honest review? Well, now you can with a website called Moms Meet.

Moms Meet is primarily aimed at the stay at home “Moms” marketing and gives moms the opportunity to share thoughts on products they try out in exchange for honest feedback.

These reviews are then shared on the Moms Meet product review pages for visitors to read.

It’s a nice way, for you to not only receive free products, but also a good way for you to have a “voice” on a busy Moms online community.

If you have your own blog then Moms Meet allows you to test products and write up the reviews on your own blog.

As a result of your interaction with the website, you will receive points that you can exchange for giftcards or products from their website.

But, I guess the real value I see in this website, is for Moms who already have, or want to create their own blog, to leverage the traffic from the Moms Meets website and build a following of their own, and make money through affiliate marketing.

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What is Moms Meet?

Moms Meet is a large online community that allows moms to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas on raising happy, healthy families.

They have a number of opportunities throughout their website including their online forum, educational webinars, social media events and annual WOW summit, to not only connect and discuss important topics, learn about health, parenting and better-for-you products, but also a whole host of other topics.

They offer exclusive opportunities for moms to sample better-for-you products and services in exchange for honest feedback. This feedback is not only posted on their website, but is also shared with the brands and companies who supplied them.

Who uses Moms Meet?

The are main two groups of users of Moms Meet.

The main users of the website are moms who want to be part of this online community who want to contribute, get education and provide feedback on products and services aimed at moms.

The second group are the product owners that want to get honest feedback from their target market, which are moms, so that they can develop new products or enhance current ones.

How To Join Moms Meet

Joining Moms meet is a fairly simple process and as usual involves filling details like your first name, last name, email etc.

There are three types of memberships you can apply for the first being a:

Community member – where you have access to their newsletters, able to earn reward points, have access to the community and win prizes

Mom Ambassador – which gives you all the privileges of a Community Member, but also includes an ability to share your own opinion, have access to influence brands and industries and be able to sample products with family and friends.

Blog Ambassador – which includes all the benefits of a Community Member and Mom Ambassador but also, being able to review products on your own blog and gain exposure and readership.

How Does Moms Meet Work?

As mentioned earlier Moms Meet allows you to try out different products from companies and provide honest feedback to both the suppliers of the products and the Moms meet online community.

This video gives you a high level understanding of what to expect with joining Moms Meet.

While, it is free to join Moms Meet, the 3 levels of membership largely determine what access you have to companies products and services.

So let’s examine the memberships a little deeper to get a better understanding of whats involved.

What Is A Community Member?

As a Community Member you will have access to the most basic benefits the website offers. This includes receiving news and information about healthy living.

At this level you still qualify to earn points and rewards, however, you won’t be able to test free products as this is only available to people who have the Mom and Blog Ambassador membership.

You will also have access to the online forum and have chances of wining different prizes from the site.

What Is A Mom Ambassador?

In order for you to become a Mom Ambassador you first have to qualify for the membership.

To qualify for the membership you have to be a “mom leader” in a network of parents in your local group of moms.

The same privilege of the Community membership would be afforded to you, but you will have the added benefit of sampling free products.

You’re role is to bring groups of moms together and host sampling parties which are designed to gather feedback from moms and their kids, depending on the product samples, and then pass that information back to the supplying companies.

Occasionally, you will be given products that you can simply test on your own family.

You are also given thank you gifts for hosting the party and are eligible to earn special badges and extra points which can be redeemed for rewards.

What Is A Blog Ambassador?

As the name suggests, you would already have a blog and be approved to participate in the Blog Ambassador program.

It is this membership level that I believe is of real benefit to Mom bloggers.

As a Blog Ambassador, you’ll have all the privileges of a Community Member and Mom Ambassador, however, you’ll have the added privilege of being able to include these reviews in your blog.

This is a great way for you to gain new followers and traffic to your website, while sampling free products and building your audience at the same time.

You might also be a great way for you to be able to establish your own relationship and maybe sponsorships with these companies.

Since reviews play a big part of the reward system, let’s discuss this further.

What Type of Reviews Will You Write?

It’s interesting to note that Moms Meet will only offer products to test that they would use at their own home with their families, and that are better-for-you or the planet.

This would mean that most of the products you would be testing are natural, organic and eco-friendly, which is good to know.

The types of products you could test are wide and varied and can include things like food, beverages, personal care, baby care products, vitamins, supplements, and many other products in-between.

What Are The Different Ways You Can Participate On the Site?

This program is open to Mom Ambassadors. If selected for a Group Program, you will receive a generous kit of free products to try and review with your group of local moms (and their kiddos).

You’ll be asked to host a meeting, try the products together, and collect each group member’s feedback to share with Moms Meet.

You’ll have six weeks to meet with your group, complete your online survey, write a short review and submit photos from your meeting.

This program is open to Blog Ambassadors. If selected for a Blogger Program, you will receive a generous kit of free products to try and review on your blog.

You’ll have 3-6 weeks to try the products and write about your personal experience on your blog.

This program is open to Mom Ambassadors. If selected for an Express Program, you will receive a kit of free products to try on your own.

You’ll have 4-6 weeks to try the products, write a review on Moms Meet, and complete your online survey.

This program is open to both Mom Ambassadors and Blog Ambassadors. If selected for an Influencer Program, you will receive a generous kit of free products to try on your own and share on social media.

You’ll have 4-6 weeks to try the products, complete two social media actions, and write a review on Moms Meet.

How Do You Make Money With Moms Meet

Like most websites I review, I often look for the money making component of the website to understand how people are able to maximize their time on the site when making money.

However, in this case, you don’t actually make money with Moms Meet, instead you earn points that you can exchange for giftcards or products on their website.

I suppose this can be viewed as money, in a way, since these points can be used to purchase products both inside and outside of their website.

You will start to accumulate points the more you interact and complete certain tasks like leaving comments, responding to surveys, providing reviews and more.

The more you interact with the community the more points you earn and once you have accumulated enough points you can then redeem them for various rewards or prizes.

What I Liked about Moms Meet

  • I like the fact that they only deal with brands and companies that offer better-for-you products that are natural, organic and eco-friendly.
  • I like that they have a large community of like minded parents who share ideas and their experiences with the Moms Meet community.
  • I like that you can receive free product samples to test and provide feedback. It’s a good feeling to know that your feedback may have an influence on the final outcome of a product, that might be consumed by millions.

What I Didn’t Like about Moms Meet

  • I didn’t like the fact that this opportunity is only available to people in the United States. Whilst, I understand that this decision may be driven by the companies offering the free samples, it’s still annoying.

Do I Recommend Moms Meet

If you live in the United States and don’t mind hosting product parties for a group of other moms, then Moms Meet may be a great website for you to join.

Apart from receiving free products from companies and offering your opinion on the products, you can also become part of an awesome online community of like minded people, that offer helpful tips and parenting advice.

As a blogger I can see the real value in joining Moms Meet is to grow your own following and readership leveraging the traffic and community from Moms Meet.

Moms Meet often feature other Moms blogs on their website, which can help grow the readership and exposure of that blog.

Moms Meet is a legit website that is full of useful parenting advice and products, and is a great way to receive free samples in exchange for honest feedback.

I do recommend joining them, if you’re a mom living in the United States, not just for the opportunity to receive free products but also for the community and helpful parenting advice and reviews.

If you haven’t already got yourself a blog, and don’t know how to get started, then I recommend you read this review where you can get started free today.

Like always, I would love to hear your opinion on Moms Meet – good or bad. Just leave a comments in the section below.

Thanks for reading.

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