OutPLEX Review: Legit Work From Home Site Or Scam?


OutPLEX, formerly known as Talk2rep is a company that provides a number of online services including customer care and call center services.

They have been operating for close to 2 decades in this space and work with many top brands who rely on them to provide online chat and teleservices.

They have a number of work-at-home call agent jobs available that you can work on part-time, based from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you can pick and chose when you work, so long as you meet the minimum number of hours per week.

The pay and career prospects may be a little disappointing for some, however, others are not so much interested in career movements, but more the flexibility of the hours and being able to work from home.

There are certain skills you will need to have, like, typing skills, a minimum standard of education and equipment to meet the job requirements, however, this is at a basic level.

Other than that, if you can see yourself as a call center agent, working from home, taking customer calls and managing the resolution of the calls, then this could be a good opportunity for you to earn money.

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What is OutPLEX?

OutPLEX formerly known as TalksRep was started in 2000 and provides a number of customer care and call center services. They allow top brand companies to outsource their telecommunication services so that they don’t have to create and manage their own.

How To Apply for a Job at OutPLEX

To be considered as a work-at-home rep you must apply for a position which you can find here.

Click on “Work At Home Positions (United States Only)” and then click on the “Search” button.


As shown in the picture above, the work-at-home positions are only available to people who live in the United States.

Once you’ve clicked on the search button, you will be given a number of open positions.

There are some work-at-home positions that require you to be bilingual, so this could be great for candidates who are able to speak multiple languages.

On selecting one of the work positions available, you will be sent to another screen where you will be shown the minimum requirements for the job, such as typing speed, equipment and education including the following :

What Skills Do You Need For The Job?

  • Ability to type from 30WPM – 50WPM with 0 errors.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to resource product information via tools that are provided to you.
  • Ability to independently research information via the internet.
  • Sales experience – a plus!
  • Outstanding spelling, grammar, and communication skills – a MUST!

What Equipment Do You Need?

  • Must be hardwired to the internet
  • Must have Windows Operating System (MAC not compatible)

What Are The Education Requirements?

  • High school diploma from an accredited institution
  • General Education Degree

If you meet these requirements then you can select the “Apply for this Position” button.

The application form is lengthy and comprehensive and you will need at least a half an hour to complete it.

Background Checks

You will be required to send OutPLEX $50 for them to perform a background check on you. This is not unusual, however, similar types of companies will actually pay for your background check, but most charge around $30.


You will be required to undergo some training for a period of 2 weeks that is not paid, but is compulsory in order to work for the company.

How Does OutPLEX Work?

In order to work for the company you need to have their software installed on your home computer.

As their software will only work on a Windows based operating system, it means that if you own a MAC, and don’t have access to a Windows based PC, you won’t be able to work for them.

You will be answering customer queries and questions via chat or phone.

You will also be resolving customer disputes and other problems they may have and implementing the companies solutions.

You will also need to ensure you escalate unresolved issues through to their proper channels.

How Do You Make Money With OutPLEX?

You can pick and choose when you work for the company, however you must complete a set number of hours per week, and you must work one shift on the weekends.

A normal shift is 4 hours long, so you do have some flexibility as to when you structure those hours in your day.

It is possible to work up to 32 hours per week, however, if there are a lot of support calls, then you can ask for more shifts.

There are two different ways you can earn with OutPLEX 1) as a customer support chat agent and 2) as a sales chat agent.

You will be paid between $11 and $13 per hour as a chat agent and $10 per hour as a chat sales agent, plus commissions.

As a sales chat agent you can earn up to $140 per week in commissions depending on the hours you work and how much you sell over this time.

What Are Other Saying About OutPLEX?

There appears to be a number of differing views on OutPLEX (or Talk2rep), some were happy, while others disappointed. And I guess you’re going to get this type of feedback with any business, whether it is good or bad.

Here’s what some workers had to say about working for the company.

Great Job….I really miss it!

I worked for many years at Talk2rep and had the option after several years to work from home. I primarily worked on one major account in my last years but had numerous fun accounts during my tenure. I can honestly say that I enjoyed almost all of the assignments I had and I have no complaints in that regard. Training on new accounts was very thorough and management was accessible for help if needed. I know since I left that they have moved to new offices which are even nicer than the one I had started out in and there were always fun things going on like pot lunches, etc. I hope that they are continuing with them. I miss the “old days” there and will always be appreciative of having had the opportunity to work there but I was saddened when my contract was terminated due to my being out due to an extended illness. The only other complaint was that after I reached a certain pay bracket I was told there would be no more increases…..

It started as a fun place, then became monotonous!

2 weeks of unpaid training but you learn a lot. Then on the job you start with 2 chats at a time and progress to 3. It is fast paced when you are busy and customers can be fun to chat with. You sometimes get the rude customers, and your pay is based on surveys and sales. The more sales, the better, and you want to get a score of 10 on your surveys which is not always attainable, nor within your control. Sometimes reaching out to the contact on duty doesn’t get you a quick response. Also, they have varying responses so you are never certain which is accurate. Weekly team meetings and company town halls, all unpaid, really can be a time consumer. After a few months you tend to burn out.



They originally were a good company to work for pay seemed good but not enough talk time. Sometimes online all day and only received 2 hours of talk time. They also let people go without giving notice or reason which is very unfair.

Run Away

This company is horrible! They will cancel your contract without warning even if you’ve only been chatting with them for less than 2 months. Then when you email the head lady in charge she will NOT return your email letting you know why you were terminated. Customers are rude and will leave bad surveys just because you won’t do what they want or if you can’t lower their rate. My stats were GOOD, I was working 3 chats and I came to work as scheduled. My stats were a lot better than half of the reps currently working. Only to check my email to see that my contract has been terminated. This company needs to reconsider how they do things. If only they realized that I have a family to take care of and at the time Talk2Rep was my sole income. Thankfully I found something else within a few days. I do not recommend working for this company.


What I Like about OutPLEX

  • I like the fact that the company gives you flexible hours, so you can pick and choose when you work.
  • I like that you can work from the comfort of your own home and not have to commute to work everyday.
  • I like that you can have some freedom to both earn money when it suits you and have the flexibility to do the things you enjoy.
  • I like that the company is a relatively large company that has been operating for close to two decades.

What I Don’t Like about OutPLEX

  • The company can terminate your contract without notice.
  • You are normally working with 3 or more different clients at one time, which can be difficult to manage when you’re waiting for them to respond back.
  • You are graded and rated on the surveys a client leaves after they have finished a session with you. Clients can sometimes leave unfavorable ratings, even if the solution is out of your control or if they’re having a bad day.
  • As a sale agent, you are required to meet a sales quoter and have a starting base rate of $10, however if you fail to meet the quoter your base rate reduces to minimum wage ($9) and if you continue to not meet quoter you will be terminated.

Do I Recommend OutPLEX?

OutPLEX is definitely a legitimate company to work for, both as a sales and chat agent.

They do give you the ability to pick and choose the hours you want to work for them so long as you meet there minimum numbers of hours per week. Their pay rate is arguably higher than some of their competitors and you can make more if you can work more hours or are good at sales.

You will need to provide your own equipment, including a Windows based PC, microphone, etc to run their software.

If you can see yourself as a call center agent then this might be a job worth considering, however, they do charge $50 for a background check and there is a 2 week mandatory training period that you don’t get paid for.

What I see as the true benefit of working for a company like OutPLEX is the fact that you can choose when you work and to work from home. It could be a great option for stay at home moms and dads, retirees and students.

Having said that, you won’t get paid much for your time and effort, but if the flexibility is more important to you then it could be an ideal option.

You can also check out how I earn over $10,000 per month from home, working when I want, for how long I want, in this review.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment, good or bad, in the comment section below, if you’ve had experience with this company.

Thanks for reading!

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