VerbalizeIt Review: Legit Translation Jobs?

When it comes to making money online, there are actually a lot of different opportunities available that you can find. The challenge is finding the right opportunity that is also legitimate.

One of the many earning opportunities online that you can find is translation jobs. This basically just requires that you translate an audio, video or written file from its original language to a different language.

VerbalizIt is one such company that offers this kind of opportunity. You get to earn money for every translating job that you complete and the money is sent via PayPal twice a month.

It’s hard to calculate how much you can earn here, as there’s no information on how much the company really pays its translators.

One user, though, commented that the possible earning per hour with VerbalizeIt is about $6 an hour. But is this opportunity really legit or just a scam and a waste of time?

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VerbalizeIt is a Legit Opportunity to Earn Money Translating

VerbalizeIt is a company that offers translation services to anybody who has a document or file that they want to be translated into a different language.

The company hires independent contractors to do the translation job and contractors would have to pass several tests before they get hired to prove that they are capable of doing the job.

Based on my research and what I’ve seen from the company so far, I can say that what they offer is legitimate.

The company delivers on its promise of providing translation jobs to people and paying them for it once they are able to complete it.

The company pays twice a month via PayPal so you will need to have a PayPal account to get your money. Applying to be a translator is simple and easy, getting accepted, though is the difficult part.

You will need to pass several tests that VerbalizeIt will give you to assess your skill levels and if you can do the job. Once you pass, you can start working.

As for the earnings, you will, as this review progresses further, see why you can only expect to earn about $6 an hour with this opportunity.

Who Uses the VerbalizeIt website?

The website is designed for two types of individuals, with one being those who have a document or file that they want to be translated into a different language.

The other type are people like you who are looking for ways to earn money online. For businesses and individuals, VerbalizeIt offers them an opportunity to have their files translated into different languages.

The company is able to translate the file in a lot of different languages, as they hire independent contractors from all over the world. They connect the individual to the right contractors for their translation needs.

VerbalizeIt also assures businesses and individuals that they are consistent in delivering high-quality work and in a timely manner.

For people like you, the company offers an opportunity to earn money online doing translation jobs. You will just need to have an internet connection, a computer, and be fluent in two (2) languages.

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply and take several exams. Once you pass the exam, you can start working and taking on translation jobs. You will get paid via PayPal and the company pays twice a month.

How Do You Make Money with VerbalizeIt?

VerbalizeIt only provides one way for you to make money, and that is by doing translation jobs for their clients. You will get paid for every job you complete.

The company sends out payment twice a month via PayPal. Now, the first thing you would need to here is to apply to be one of VerbalizIt’s independent contractors.

The requirements are very simple, you will need to have a computer, access to the internet, a Microsoft office, and an access to a dictionary or thesaurus that can help you in translating.

You will also need to be fluent in at least two (2) languages that the company is offering translation services to.

VerbalizeIt offers translation services in major languages like all forms of English (U.S., Australian, UK, and Canadian), French, Japanese, Spanish, German, a variety of Chinese languages, and a lot more.

You will just need to be fluent in at least 2 of them to have a chance of getting accepted. After applying, you will need to complete a written and audio proficiency test.

The tests will be conducted in the languages that you said you are fluent in, to see your proficiency level in these languages.

After passing the test, you will just need to provide information about your skills and past experiences. Then, just add your payment information and complete your profile and you can start working.

Getting a translation job is easy, as you would first need to mark yourself available, via your browser or phone. Once you do this, you will receive notification about an incoming translation request on the language you are fluent in.

You can choose to accept the incoming request or not. But remember, it is on a first come first serve basis. So if you wait too long to accept a request, someone else will likely beat you to it.

After completing a request, you will submit it back, as VerbalizeIt will review your work. It is part of the company’s quality assurance process.

Once accepted, your account will be credited for the money you earned on that job. The company pays your money via PayPal every 15th and 30th of the month.

As for the schedule, the company is very flexible with it. They won’t send you any work to do if you don’t mark yourself available. So, you basically decide on when you want to be online to start receiving work.

How much you can get will depend on the length of the file and how difficult it would be. VerbalizeIt doesn’t mention in their site how much they usually pay their translators.

But research has shown that one of the major complaints members have is that the company pays very low compared to other translation jobs.

It seems like, on the average, you can only earn $6 a per hour working as a translator for VerbalizeIt. It’s not very much if you compare it with other translation jobs.

What is Good about VerbalizeIt

After learning more about VerbalizeIt and what they are offering, it is time to discuss the good thing about the opportunity.

  • One of the good things I liked about VerbalizeIt is that their requirements for you to apply are not that strict. The main requirement is that you should just be fluent in at least 2 languages that they are offering translation services to. This means you don’t really need to have any background in doing translation jobs before, allowing newbies to apply to for the job.
  • I also like that the opportunity that VerbalizeIt offers is very flexible, considering they don’t really require you to be online on a certain schedule or be online for a certain number of hours a week. You can work whenever you want to work and you just have to let the company know that you are available so they can send you notifications if there are translation works available for you.
  • I also consider it a good thing that VerbalizeIt pays its contractors twice a month. In this way, you won’t have to wait 30 days before you are able to get the money you earned for completing translation work.

What is Bad about VerbalizeIt

As appealing as all the good things that VerbalizeIt has going for them sounds, not everything is all candles and roses. Here, we will discuss the bad things about the opportunity.

  • One of the bad things about VerbalizeIt is that the income is low, compared to other translation job opportunities. This seems to be one of the most common comments that a lot of people have when it comes to working with the company. Though it is not really stated on the website how much you can make, one member mentioned that $6 per hour, on the average, is what you can make.
  • Another bad thing about the website that I found is that their exam doesn’t really reflect the skill level of the people taking them. I’ve seen complaints where people who are experienced in translating are not being accepted into the company. This complaint seems to be common, so I don’t think it is just an isolated issue.
  • I’m also not a fan of work not being guaranteed to VerbalizeIt contractors. The available work seems to be dependent on the language that you are fluent in, so if you happen to be fluent in languages that don’t have a lot of work, then you’ll have limited opportunities to earn.

Do I Recommend VerbalizeIt?

Based on what I’ve learned about VerbalizeIt and what they offer, it is something that I would say you can try out, but won’t fully recommend.

On the surface, it is actually a very good opportunity, considering you can work on it at the leisure of your own time and schedule.

However, recent complaints and feedback from current and past users cannot simply be ignored. The low pay seems to be a consistent complain, so this is something you will likely have to deal with if you get accepted.

This is why I don’t really recommend it, but you can try it out for yourself and see if it is something that you would want to be doing.

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