5 thoughts on “Fitplay Review: A Legit Opportunity To Make Money Downloading And Using Apps Or A Scam?”

  1. I love my app but today it started not adding my coins and I read maybe it was a connection issue so I downloaded a new featured app and it worked fine, checked for updates, shut my phone off and turn it back on. Still nothing someone please email me and tell me how to fix it.

  2. I have installed fitplay on my new device and I get a suspicious behavior pop up when I try to access the app. How to I resovle this issue.

  3. I had to factory reset my device. Know won’t let me log in and says suspicious behavior seriously I’m annoyed and very disappointed change my app to a one star pretty soon and say just why when it was a five star o gave.

  4. I should have five dollars in my PayPal account and I only have $2.00. How can I get the rest and where did the money go from my fitplay games app. I also didn’t get any payouts for Amazon either into my account.

  5. Dear fitplay ,
    I should have stopped at the first chance to get nothing but playing games and not getting all or any of the credit! Then I had to start over with anew device.!!!! So I really buckle down and try all of the games lame ones, same ones ect…. Then it’s upgrade time!!!! Now 20$ in earned credit is “suspicious activity” what a joke!!! I’m sorry shit-play , sorry I fell for your bull shit-play controlling app. Fuck off , quit giving on-line games a bad name! I would not play or do business with you or any company related with fitplay no pay!

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